Tips for Landing More Third-Party Reviews

One of the leading areas that marketers focus on when it comes to growing customer base is on email, content marketing and other forms of paid advertising to grow customer base. While these tactics are undeniably very important, they often overlook that fact that customers are far more persuasive sellers than marketers will ever be. Research has shown that 75 percent of consumers don’t view advertisements as ruthful and 90 percent of them believe that brand recommendation should always come from a trusted friend. Positive reviews make 91 percent of consumers to be more likely to use a business, while 82 percent will be put off by negative reviews. The average consumer reads about 10 reviews before they can settle on a brand.

If you are keen on growing your business, you must focus on reviews, and here are some of the ways you can use to get better reviews for your business.

Create Profiles with third party review sites

While many ecommerce brands give customers the option to leave reviews on their website, this is not necessary the first step a potential customer will stop at when they want to make a purchase. They are more likely to go to places such as Google, Facebook and other third-party sites to check reviews for such businesses. This is to mean the first step to generating reviews entails setting up your profile on each relevant platform. Google my Business and Facebook present a great starting place but be sure to check out other platforms as well that would be relevant to your business. Businesses associated with travel would use platforms such as TripAdvisor for review purposes.

Start with existing Customers

Many brands create their review profiles after they already have established a customer base. If your customer service team is doing a good job, you should already have plenty of satisfied buyers who enjoy the experience you give them. Customers are not going to automatically become aware of their ability to leave reviews for your business from third party platforms. You need to reach out to your customers and let them know the importance of leaving such reviews for your business. The good news is that you should already have contact information available thanks to previous interactions. If you have a CRM application, you can log and get their contact details.

Sign up for Google Reviews

As your customer base grows, it will be tricky to reach to each and every one of them. This calls for the need to make full use of Google customer reviews program. All you need is to have the module added to your site and the survey opt in will automatically be shown to users after they have completed a checkout. If they opt in, Google will send an email with the survey attached. The data collected from these surveys will count down towards your seller rating on Google and the star rating that appears in your PPC ads as well as general search results. Additionally, you will also get a Google Customer Reviews Badge that can be integrated with your site to give potential customers a quick form of social proof.

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